book"Sergeant Murphy presented an amazing keynote address at our 2017 annual meeting and exposition.  His story is one of trial, duty, sacrifice, and honor, and he presented it to us in a way where we could feel his pride, his pain, and his journey step by step.  I was impressed by his candor, his openness, and his storytelling, but especially I was proud of his service and that he had the courage to share it with us.  I highly recommend him to your organization as a guest speaker."
- Chas Jordan, President (2016-2017), American Public Works Association Florida Chapter


“Luke’s story is one that every American needs to hear. Although no one in business will ever endure the high stakes of combat, his message of purpose, duty, commitment, honor and teamwork is as relevant to success in corporate life as it was to his battlefield experience. Luke will inspire you with his articulate message, inner strength, humor and humility. It was a privilege to have him grace our stage and to distribute his wonderful book as an enduring takeaway.”   
- Stephen A. Maginn, President & CEO, AIG Financial Distributors

“We have lots of speakers at the Marshall Foundation; interesting speakers, knowledgeable speakers. Luke’s talk – heartfelt, warm, with some humor to balance the sadness – was absolutely mesmerizing.  He was genuine, thoughtful and honest in telling his story.  He received the only standing ovation I have seen in seven years at the Foundation.”
- Rick Drake, Director of Communications and Development, Marshall Foundation

“Luke Murphy's story is made more powerful in its telling through Luke's ability to bring his audience with him to battlefield, as he shares his experience.  We felt like we were on patrol with him during the attack and through his recovery.  His presentation made me feel like I was in the Humvee with him.”
– Jim Peniston, Foundation for Financial Planning

"I was very fortunate to meet Luke (Staff Sergeant Murphy) a year ago at a New York City CEO event and hear him speak. My business colleagues, friends and I read about and see the sacrifices our men and women in uniform are making for us but rarely get to meet these heroes live. The experience of hearing Luke speak to our group, then connecting with him face-to-face, was unforgettable. His perspective on life, sacrifice, teamwork, and motivation, and his boy-next-door just pure goodness, make him a superb speaker. I recommend him without reservation!"
– Michael D. Wolf, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Castle Connolly Graduate Medical Publishing, Vice President, Telemedicine Services, Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.

“Luke Murphy's story is one of the most amazing stories I've ever heard. He is a true American Hero. But his ability to tell that story in a way that helps you relive it, learn from it, and be inspired by it is remarkable!”
– Ty Bennett – CSP, Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur, Leadership Inc.

"I recently had the opportunity and blessing to be in attendance at the

"Tennessee Association's of Realtors 2013 annual convention Inspirational Breakfast . Luke Murphy , also a Realtor,  was our featured speaker.  As Luke shared his story of courage, leadership, his wounding and recovery, I came to the realization that none of us sitting in that audience could ever say that we'd had a bad day. Luke's service to our country was honorable and heroic. The fact that he can share his story and be an inspiration to others left many of us wiping away tears. It's a good feeling to see how he cherishes his family and life now. Plus he has a beautiful girlfriend (now wife) and it was fun to watch them beam at each other!"
– Sally Sparks, Broker, Knoxville Women's Council of Realtors  

"Staff Sergeant Murphy's personal story had me sitting on the edge of my seat. His story had me re-living his adversity in my mind. Not only does this true American hero tell his inspiring story, he can have an audience believe that any tragedy can be turned into a positive.

“Motivation? You bet! That is the epitome SSGT Murphy's story, yet the story lives on, because he lives motivation every day."  
- Dr. Scott Love, PT, University of St. Augustine

“I had the great pleasure of hearing Luke Murphy speak at the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares 2015 Spirit of Home event benefiting Homes For Our Troops. He is truly a hero. His story is captivating and he has an amazing ability to tell it in a way that not only inspires, but allows one to share in his experience.”
– Merit McIntyre, president of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in New England

“We were so fortunate to have Luke Murphy speak at our Veterans Leadership event.  He was able to be provocative, informing and entertaining all at the same time.  He brought tremendous insight, authenticity and humor to a very important topic and made his experience relatable and deeply compelling.  He added so much to the experience for everyone who clearly walked away with, not only a deeper understanding of the unique experience of combat Veterans, but also a much stronger appreciation for their sacrifices.  We would highly recommend him as a speaker/presenter at any event in which people want to be both moved and entertained!”
-Nancy Hughes Moyer, President and CEO, Volunteers of America of IL

Your story is one of genuine inspiration and courage, and the audience was moved deeply by your words.
– Rob Havers, President, George C. Marshall Foundation

 “We were extremely fortunate that Luke Murphy spoke to our entire high school of 360 young men and women about his courageous experience and leadership in combat.  In 9 years of watching presentations to high school assemblies, I have never seen the students so focused and attentive toward each and every word of the speaker.  One could literally hear a pin drop.  One inspired young lady among the students will become a Marine after receiving her commission from the Naval Academy.

“We were so impressed with Luke’s presentation and the amazing impact that he had on our students that we asked him to return 4 years later to speak to all of our young men in our High School for their character and leader development.  One of our seniors said it was the “best speaker and presentation that he ever heard at our school.”  Teachers and other adults present were equally impressed.  Luke Murphy is an inspiring role model and motivational speaker!
- Scott Hampton, Ph.D., COL (US Army Ret.), Infantry, Director of College Counseling, Maclay School

"Luke Murphy inspires in 'Blasted by Adversity,'" book review in Tallahassee Democrat newspaper by Dennis Baker, Commander, US Navy (retired). June 13, 2015

Excerpt:  “Blasted by Adversity: The Making of a Wounded Warrior,” is by far the best account of one warrior’s trip to hell and back. My search is over for the map to give to those who suffer the wounds of war and desperately need someone like retired Army Staff Sergeant Luke Murphy to model how to heal and move on. He walks the walk in a humble and inspirational way... I most strongly recommend this story to challenge and give hope to those who need it most...Most significantly, I believe that this book will save some the lives of some who suffer with PTSD and are on the verge of giving up. That value alone makes this effort priceless.

Military Experience & the Arts, book excerpt. May 26, 2015

Luke on CNN:  What Veterans really think about on Memorial Day. May 23, 2015

I have known Luke Murphy for nearly five years. His story is an awesome message of commitment, loyalty, honor and patriotism. It truly comes from his heart and he is a great presenter. People young and old need to hear Luke Murphy's message now!”

Captain Donald C. Smith
Retired, Company E, 38th Infantry Regiment, Korea


courtAmazingly charming and heartfelt, Luke Murphy tells his story of life and death, yet pushing forward with sincerity and reality.  Not only has he completed marathons after losing his leg, he's helped others to accomplish the same, in the U.S. and abroad.  A true American, this wounded vet makes us all want to do more every day, and be proud of our efforts and accomplishments.

Mary Bryant McCourt
Founder, Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans
Motivational & Inspirational Speaker
Achilles International Vice President
Founder, Achilles FREEDOM TEAM of Wounded Veterans